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Published : Le 22 Janvier 2018 à 12:50
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With hair removal, whether it is eyebrows, half arm, full leg, swimsuit, ...

With hair removal, whether it is eyebrows, half arm, full leg, swimsuit, have you ever had the feeling that the hairs grow back faster than the beautician's budget! It is time for action...

Oriental waxing with honey

Oriental waxing is a natural method that uses a paste made from sugar, honey and lemon. Cold, soft and flexible it is ideal for sensitive skin, fine hair and those with blood circulation problems.

Compared to sugar alone, honey wax is gentler on the skin that it both respects and even nourishes. It can be used for all areas of the body.
However, you should note that it is applied using a special manual technique, slowly and with a regular rhythm.
In addition to being able to be made at home, honey wax is less painful than the standard hot wax strips. 

Oriental waxing with honey, by Charme d'Orient

Make your own hair removal wax at home, why not?

Watch our explanatory video to create your own home-made wax based on water and sugar, quickly and easily. Mix well and boil for 5 to 10 minutes according to the volume of water used to start with. The lemon juice and liquid honey can be added in the middle of the cooking period, but you need to leave the caramel to cool and again mix to a smooth even mixture. Some people add a small amount of sugar to the recipe. Each to their own.

After having left the paste to cool, store it in a jam jar to use later, or mix with your hands taking care to fold the strip into 3 each time. Repeat the number of times necessary to obtain a paler coloured paste.
Take the equivalent of a walnut-sized piece of the paste. Once cold and elastic, apply gently to clean cream-free skin. Wait a little to allow it to stick well to the hair then remove with a quick sharp tug, as shown in the videos. 
And don't forget that you always remove hair in the opposite direction to that in which it grows. Once you’ve finished simply rinse with water, above all avoid applying a moisturiser to allow the pores to close. You should also avoid exposing your skin to the sun!

Now it’s your turn!

Preparation for a home-made sugar-based wax

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