Make your own anti-age serum for 10 euros

Published : Le 17 Janvier 2018 à 17:26
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Looking to revitalise mature skin, firm the tissues and redefine the contours of your face? Discover a simple but particularly effective recipe.

You've decided it's time to take care of your mature skin? Opt for a serum, a product that contains the most active agents for great skin care.
Julien, specialist in cosmetics that respect both the body and the planet, explains how to avoid falling into the traps set by the cosmetics industry and benefit from natural products that offer effective results.

Make your own anti-age serum for 10 euros

Mature skin doesn't need of chemicals but vitamins and essential fatty acids. In their natural state, these are found in plants and thus in plant oils.

Here are the basic ingredients for Julien's preparation: 
- Musk rose plant oil (redensifies and repairs) 
- Good quality argan oil (organic) 
- Cistus essential oils (astringent to firm the tissues and improve skin tone) 
- Rose geranium essential oils (astringent and pleasantly scented) 

Discover the recipe and how to apply the serum in the video below.
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