Enlarge the look when you have droopy eyelids

Published : Le 22 Janvier 2018 à 14:42
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With age, the upper part of the eyelid tends to sag and cover the eyelid closer to the eyes, the mobile eyelid.

Follow our make-up tips to make your eyes look larger.

Giving droopy eyelids a lift for a more youthful look

Droopy eyelids make it difficult to highlight the crease just above the mobile eyelid, and to attractively blend eye-shadow colours. 
In this video, we explain how to create the impression that the mobile eyelid is further forward for a less dominant effect on your eyes.

Creating the impression that your eyes are larger can be done by using a shimmery primer to help your make-up last longer and for a brightening effect.
Dip into a palette of neutral make-up shades that go well with everyday make-up, then lighten the area just under the eyebrow creating the impression of extra height, and at the corner of the eye.
On the mobile eyelid, apply a light colour to bring it forward.

For the final third of the eye, use a make-up brush to mark the crease and blend in with a soft eye shadow that you take to the corner of the eye. A coloured return helps to create a brighter look.

We leave you to take a look at the first half of the video (and enjoy the Canadian accent). The next phase is very well explained by Cynthia Dulude, who we would like to thank for this great tutorial !

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